Februar 9

healthy boarder

musikempfehlung: illute- sichtbar

(ok, ich finde eurythmie jetzt so la li, diese zeilen sind fühl- und tanzbar, wie ich auch ein lied daraus zaubern könnte, oder ein bild dazu malen, ich kann mir herzen um die augen malen, oder ich lebe die zeilen anders aus irgendwas wird schon passieren und ihr werdet es sehen)

you are more than enough.

do you know whats the real boarder?

that you are more in every single day

that you grow and so can grow in every heart to stay

which remains to be more-

it gives you more than enough.

so why shouldnt you be more than enough?

just cause your life isnt organized like this yet

on every single day, when you still looking forward and backwards-

there is something that will heal in the present, when you

look away?

oh, you my dear, i take you in my arms,

our real boarders- we are looking in us-

to find, where it feels healthy to hold

each others trust.

see all the lies about you all whats just so difficult to keep.

all this can be lost in you- or you keep it in our hands and then

we find magic ends of it, how we can loose this

wounds and dissolve their ground.


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