August 5

material worldless world

Thank you daddy that you taught me,

that every one could be a liar an ignorant

soul if you just ask them to get to know

everything about me.

thank you daddy that you taught me that all friends

are not relieable, so not seen to be friends,

thank you that your hate gave me this material worldless


now i see,

there are just some like diamonds really trustable

just some i can give my live to,

cause the rest is just playing with my

secure life which you wanted to quit every week

with a new beginning.

thank you that i learn to ignore those unkind like

i learned to ignore you every week and year of terror more,

when you followed my steps with hate for my mother,

never for me

just hate to see

you little tiger in a cage of dark being

like a mosquito around every spark i could have seen

in a familiar place.

no just thank you for this that you gave me life although

you just acted like you wanted to take it away from me.


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