Oktober 1

with some grey you are just asking to stay

die menschen verarschen sich schon gut. wenn ich mir die definition und merkmale von sadisten anschaue, finde ich genau die elemente in sich kontrollierenden beziehungen wieder. ich höre wicked game von pippi lotti rist

its just free atmosphere that catches us there?

i am watching me watching you watching me.

cause im truely not sure if i see in a theme a twin of writing extreme

time cries all we dont want to hear

we just wanna here the sun shine

or wanna drink a beer

i stand in your dark wanting to run and wanting to stay

you hold me there in your eyes

so i am telling you i am the thief of your failure!

its just free atmosphere that catches us there?

every person gives you a special feeling.

like the cest la vie person

is always asking and leaning in your lilfe.

im here and im there.

but i am deep looking and you just show me

white paper with some special grey painting

is this your hole way of getting through,

your live as a winning person,

as an entertainin living system

ass a puzzle of my nutshell

you are doing as „well“ as me.

but you are quiet not asking the real questions.

its like you are just playing

and asking for some grey.


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